Best music apps which lets you listen to your favourite songs offline!

A person’s taste can always be determined by the type of music he or she prefers listening to always. Music is the strongest of all. It has the capability to bring out all kinds of emotions and can even remind us of various situations and people in our life. It is believed that you can judge people with the kind of playlist they own.

Good music is produced almost everyday and different people like different genres of music. Anyway, music can be effectively enhanced and played on various mediums. Today, there are various apps which play different types of music for all the listeners and people can switch according to their wish.

Music can calm your mind and it can refresh you if you had a tough day. It can reduce your stress and can make you feel relaxed. According to reports, 9/10 people get more amount of concentration while working if they have their headphones on at the same time. Also, you can work faster if you have music playing in background.

In order to make it easy for people to listen to music whenever they wish to, there are certain free music apps which can make your time pleasant too. Read on.


This music app helps you to download as many songs you want alongside other music offerings from their side. The best part about this app is that it allows you to upload your own music without any need for ads. This is one of the best music streaming apps which you should consider listening to.


This is the biggest player in the market. This music app offers you many songs and also informs you about the latest tracks which you would like to check out. You have the access to create your own playlist of favourite songs and play them according to your mood.

Slacker Radio

This one is also a free music app which allows you to listen to pre-programmed streaming radio stations. This app also lets you create new playlists and stations and also keep a check on all your favourite tracks, recently played songs, saved songs, etc.

YouTube Go

This is one of the most commonly used music apps. There are hardly some people who wouldn’t know about this app. This app lets you choose your own stations and find out about every new music album that is released. Listen to the trending songs here and it will help to refresh your mood too.

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