What are the changes that have happened in the music industry?

Music has come a long way and it has evolved throughout these years. Many new music genres have been introduced and there have been 6 musical periods which have highly contributed to the world of music.  Many famous artists and bands have impacted the audience in several ways. Without those talents and musicians, music would not be what it is today. The 6 musical periods are known as Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th/21st century which fit into their respective time frames.

The Medieval period began before 1150 and it is the first time which actually witnessed how music sounds to humans. There were various notated manuscripts which come from several churches and other places. The main niche of the music during this period was based on religious issues and the main instruments that were used for generating music were recorder, string instruments like lute and old versions of organ and fiddle.

Renaissance was the golden age when many choral compositions came up and religious music flourished during this period. Harmony was the main element in the music played during this period and various forms were introduced like anthems, masses and motets. The instruments used during Renaissance musical period are lute, guitar, trumpet, valveless, bagpipe and bells.

Classical and Romantic musical periods were introduced between 1750-1900. During this period, the world of music started to develop and the old instruments were replaced by pianos. Orchestras began to take place and people could witness advanced texture of music. Beethoven was the sole reason behind bridging the gap between classical and romantic music. There was lot of expression and intensity in the music developed during this period. It mainly escalated towards drama and emotions.

Then came the 20th century and 21st century music period. Various music styles were introduced to the world of music and major composers and musicians were recognized for their talent and creativity in the field of music. They had experimented a lot and different forms of music became popular during this period. This energy is still going on and it has not yet disappeared.

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